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NIST CyberSecurity for Tax Professionals

If The Russians Hacked the 2016 Election-How Safe is Your Home Office?

  • Identifying Current Threats
  • Inventory Potential at Home Targets
  • Maximizing Security to the Cloud
  • Monitoring Network Traffic
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The Future of Edge Computing, IoT, and the Cloud, a Zoom Workshop

In the past decades we have gone through centralized processing, distributed processing, client-server technology, internet objects, and cloud computing.

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Migrating From the Paper Office to the Cloud

Basic equipment required: computer, scanner/printer and file server.

Find out how Artificial Intelligence can be used in the office to migrate to cloud computing in 2020.

Discover techniques for mobile computing: Wireless Internet Bridge for access anywhere at anytime; laptops for cloud front processing; using Scanners/Printers as the backbone document manager.

Discussion on CyberSecurity from the Reno CyberSecurity Experts: Silicon Networks Group.

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Examples include online trading, gaming, hospitality, warehousing, and logistics. Should the real estate industry migrate to the intelligent office from agent offer to title to closing of escrow?

Discover how the Intelligent Office can prepare the enterprise for CyberSecurity Audits and the NIST framework for documenting the CyberSecurity Plan.

This workshop is located at Silicon Networks Group, 2250 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95131. There is no public access, ZOOM Workshop only.