AI and Expert Systems for the Enterprise

In 2021, Internet users constantly are using Artificial Intelligence online. Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a key application of AI. SEO requires an AI agent to parse the request and deliver relevant content.   Current experiments in AI include Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and other virtual assistants. AI use on the horizon includes automated transportation, smart cities, home robotics

-Autonomous transportation will become commonplace from multiple providers.
-Robots will be an extension of the individual
-Smart cities will be run by expert systems to conserve resources In 1971, the author was able to intern at Stanford Research Institute, and work on early code for Shaky.

For a foundation in AI and Expert Systems,

check the YouTube video at:  Source:

According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, in a recent publication: Shifting toward Enterprise-grade AI: The key elements to implementing AI into the Business Strategy includes:

-Develop your AI-enabled business strategy. The vision needs to come from the top with clear desired business outcomes and focus on permeating the mandate throughout the organization.

-Bring the focus back to data. Every enterprise has some data that is clean and useful.  Don’t let poor data quality or quantity be an excuse to put off the journey to AI. Instead, start with the data you have and then use AI as a catalyst for investing in a solid data platform that brings together external licensed and public data to drive broad data sets that enable the training of AI algorithms.

-Quickly move from strategy to execution. Pick a starting point that makes sense for your organization and your business objectives. Execute quickly, show iterative results and earn the right to scale. Communication with stakeholders is critical. Build a path to scale with appropriate skills and change management practices. Scale by building the team and skills required to grow and leverage AI through internal hires and use of strategic partners while practicing good stakeholder, cultural and change management in order to execute on the business transformation mandates set out by leadership.   Downloaded from,  on October 2, 2019.

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